All of the current WASCA forms have been converted to fillable PDF format.  Using this format requires Adobe Reader.  To download Adobe Reader click HEREMake sure that you uncheck the box that says "Yes, install McAfee Security Scan Plus - optional".  Otherwise you will find that you will now have an additional toolbar in your browser.

**Do not use any of the other Adobe format (PDF) readers.  Several have been tried and none of them work correctly with the fillable forms.

 (Do NOT try to email any of the completed forms via the website.  This website is NOT secure!  Instead, save the completed fillable form to your computer and then send it via your normal email.)


I want to register for the upcoming WASCA Spring Festival or I want to reserve a hotel room for the upcoming WASCA Spring Festival. 

(Note:  The same form is used for both, but the different parts of the form go to different people.  The Registration Section goes to the Registration Chairman and the Housing Reservation Section goes to the Housing Chairman.)

57th WASCA Spring Festival (2016) Registration and Housing Reservation Form (PDF fillable format).

I want to join or renew membership to WASCA! 

WASCA Clubs Application & Renewal Form (PDF fillable format)

I need an insurance certificate for our clubs dances or special dances. 

Click on example of Certificate of Insurance for contact information at Nationwide Mutual Fire Insurance Company to obtain a special endorsement for special events.  If you have any additional questions, or are having problems obtaining a special endorsement, please contact the VicePresident@wascaclubs.com (click for contact information).

 I want to apply for the WASCA Promotional Fund.

WASCA Promotional Fund Application (PDF Fillable format)

I want to apply for the Morton-Hunter Caller-Cuer Scholarship Program.

Morton-Hunter Scholarship Application Information

Morton-Hunter Scholarship Application Form (PDF fillable format)

I want to apply for the Caller Continuing Education Schoarship Fund Program (CCESFP)

Caller Continuing Education Scholarship Fund Program (CCESFP) Information

Caller Continuing Education Scholarship Fund Program (CCESFP) Application (PDF fillable format)

I want to subscribe to or give someone a gift subscription to WASCA Calls 'n' Cues.

Calls 'n' Cues Subscription Form (PDF fillable format)



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