Membership In WASCA

Membership in WASCA is open to any organized group of square dancers, consisting of at least eight (8) couples, which has held regular dances for not less than six (6) months preceding the date of application.  Groups which are otherwise qualified, but have not met the six-month requirement, are accepted as Associate Members, with the full benefits of membership, but without vote, until this requirement is met.

A club may join WASCA by completing an application form and submitting the completed application along with a check in the amount of $20 made out to WASCA.  The application must include the name(s) of the WASCA delegate or delegates.  See the "How to Join WASCA" page for the application form, etc.

WASCA membership assures your club to have a voice in the annual Spring Festival and other major dance activities in the area.  All member clubs are provided WASCA business liability insurance (click for a description of insurance coverage).  All member clubs are provided the opportunity to provide a news column in our information packed  Calls 'n' Cues publication and provided a discount to any paid advertising. 

Any member club can take advantage of the Promotional Fund Program by documenting their financial need on the Promotional Fund Application and submitting (by e-mail or snail mail) to WASCA's Vice President.  WASCA' Vice President will process the request through the approval process.

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