The Morton-Hunter Caller-Cuer Scholarship Program (MHCCSP) (Established in 2010)


The Washington Area Square Dancers Cooperative Association (WASCA) sponsors the Morton-Hunter Caller-Cuer Scholarship Program (MHCCSP) as an incentive to encourage new WASCA regional Callers and Cuers to attend formal training. For the purposes of this fund, a Caller or Cuer is defined as a person who leads a square dance, round dance or clogging activity.


This scholarship is administered by an Education Committee, which is chaired by the WASCA Vice-President.  Scholarship awards are made for the lesser value of the full class tuition or $300.


To be eligible the applicant must have less than 3 years of calling experience, be endorsed by a Caller mentor, and not have previously received funds under this scholarship program.


To apply for this scholarship, click on WASCA Scholarship Program Application Form for a fillable PDF form and submit the application not less than 30 days prior to training.  Be sure to include the name of your mentor in “Club Affiliation/ Mentor” field. The WASCA Board of Directors will act on MHCCSP applications within 60 days of receipt, and will distribute funds for approved applications within 30 days of the applicant providing a copy of a graduation letter or certificate from the School.


Applications can be emailed to: or sent via mail to:


Darrella & Tom Deubel

Vice President, WASCA

4230 Worcester Dr.

Fairfax VA 22032

Phone (703) 425-4072

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