Insured by: Nationwide Mutual Fire Insurance Company
Policy Number 52PR152083-0001M
Liability = $2,000,000
Occurence = $1,000,000

What It Covers:
The WASCA business liability insurance policy provides third-party liability coverage. This means that the Officers and Members of WASCA Clubs are protected against lawsuits that may arise out of personal injury, medical expense, or fire damage suffered by persons who are not Club Members as a result of Club activities. Only people who are not Club Members can receive reimbursement for losses under this Liability Policy. This could include injury to non-paying club guests or facility custodial staff and/or damage to church, facility or school property. Regular club dances are covered. Special events outside of a Club's regular dances require a special endorsement, which must be requested from the Insurance Company are also covered.  Click on
example of Certificate of Insurance for contact information at Nationwide Mutual Fire Insurance Company to obtain a special endorsement for special events.  If you have any additional questions, or are having problems obtaining a special endorsement, please contact the Vice Presidents (click for contact information) or e-mail them directly at the vicepresident@wascaclubs.com.

Why Does WASCA Have This Kind of Insurance?
This insurance is similar to homeowners insurance in that it protects the policy-holder from liability for injury or damage suffered by others on the policy-holder's property. The principal reason we have this insurance is that most facilities (churches and schools) that rent their space to WASCA Clubs for their dances require evidence of third-party liability insurance before allowing use of their premises. Without this policy, most clubs would be unable to find a place to dance. Furthermore, the cost of providing this insurance for most clubs would be beyond the means of their club budget. By buying a group policy for all members of the Federation, this liability insurance is much more affordable.

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