Being a WASCA Delegate means that you have been chosen to represent a square, round, contra, country western or other club at the Delegates’ meetings where much of the business of our Association is conducted. This is an important job that carries with it certain responsibilities and rights.
The Delegates meet 4 times a year, in September (4th Sunday), November (3rd Sunday), February (4th Sunday), and May (1st Sunday). September’s meeting is preceded by a 1-hour Educational Seminar. February is the annual meeting. The meetings should start promptly on time at 3:00 P.M. unless a quorum is not present - check in for the Club(s) that you represent, pick up a voting card, and find a seat. The meetings are normally 2 hours. The September and February meetings are usually held in Virginia, while the November and May meetings are held in Maryland.

Minutes are mailed to the Delegate of record prior to each meeting and should include minutes from the last meeting and special agenda items, meeting date and map directing you to the meeting location. This information will also be published in the Calls ‘n’ Cues for these months. The delegate or club must notify the WASCA Secretary if there is a change in delegate or their address prior to the meeting in order for the mail to be delivered to the proper place.

Delegates are encouraged to attend all Delegates’ Meetings. If you, as the regular Delegate cannot attend, arrange for the Alternate Delegate or Club Officer to be there. Regular attendance is required to keep your Club in good standing. Stay in touch with club members so that you can truly represent their views. Report back to your club members after the Delegates’ meeting to keep them informed of news, actions taken and planned activities. If your club is not-in-good-standing because of non-payment of dues, or a Delegate not attending at least one Delegates’ meeting in a current fiscal year, remind your club President to take action to correct it.
Be a representative of WASCA to your Club by encouraging subscriptions to Calls ‘n’ Cues, registration for the annual Spring Festival, and support of WASCA’s special dances. Pass along all records and information to the next Delegate.
You have the right to introduce new business before the Delegates’ to express views of your Club. Be sure the WASCA President has the item on the agenda if it requires a motion and vote.
You can vote on motions and at elections, one vote per club, one person can vote for only one club at a meeting. If a couple belongs to more than one club, each person can hold a vote card for one club. An individual can represent more than one club at a Delegates’ meeting for attendance purposes only.
You can attend and enjoy the annual WASCA Presidents’ Appreciation Ball and be sure that all the club officers and supporting club members know about the dance so they can attend also. This special dance is presented by WASCA’s President, at no cost to attendees as a Thank-You to the supporting member clubs and especially their Club Officers, Delegates and supporting club members. Please advertise this event at your club. 
By serving as a Delegate, you are helping WASCA do its job for all member clubs and dancers. 
WASCA Thanks You!
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