The Caller Continuing Education Scholarship Fund Program (CCESFP) (Established in 2012)


The Washington Area Square Dancers Cooperative Association (WASCA) sponsors the Caller Continuing Education Scholarship Fund Program (CCESFP) as an incentive to encourage WASCA Regional Callers and Cuers to attend formal training outside the immediate WASCA region. For the purposes of this fund, a Caller or Cuer is defined as a person who leads a square dance, round dance or clogging activity.


This scholarship is administered by an Education Committee, which is chaired by the WASCA Vice-President.  Scholarship awards are $100.


To be eligible the applicant must have at least 3 years of calling experience for one or more established clubs with at least 1 year of experience (minimum 6X per year) calling for a WASCA membership club; and not have received a CCESFP scholarship award within the past 12 calendar months.


To apply for this scholarship, click on Caller Continuing Education Scholarship Fund Program for a fillable PDF form and submit the application not less than 30 days prior to training.  The WASCA Board of Directors will act on CCESFP applications within 60 days of receipt, and will distribute funds for approved applications within 30 days of the applicant providing documentation of the training.


Applications can be emailed to: or sent via mail to:


Darrella & Tom Deubel

Vice President, WASCA

4230 Worcester Dr.

Fairfax VA 22032

Phone (703) 425-4072


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