WASCA's Board of Directors                                                        

The affairs of WASCA are managed by a Board of ten (10) Directors elected at the annual WASCA Meeting by the club delegates.  The Board members are elected from the entire WASCA membership and serve without compensation.  

The members of the Executive Committee and the Regional Directors comprise the 10 voting members of the Board of Directors.  There are also non-voting Associate Directors established by the Board of Directors with approval of the Delegates and non-voting Advisors that may be appointed by the President with Board approval.  

The Board is headed by the 4 Officers of the Executive Committee:

  1. President
  2. Vice-President
  3. Secretary
  4. Treasurer

In addition, there are 6 permanent positions that make up the Regional Directors:

  1. Special Events--Maryland
  2. Special Events--Virginia
  3. Membership & Info Services
  4. Square Dance Liaison
  5. Round Dance Liaison
  6. Subscriptions

The Board currently also includes non-voting Associate Directors and Advisors:

  1. Editor, Calls 'n' Cues - Permanent Associate Director position
  2. WASCA Past President (Ex-officio) - Permanent Associate Director position
  3. Festival Director--Upcoming
  4. Festival Director--Future (also Assistant Festival Director of Upcoming Festival)
  5. Badge Service
  6. Historian
  7. Legal Advisor
  8. Hospitality Coordinator
  9. National Executive Committee/National Square Dance Convention
  10. Clogging Advisor
  11. Parades & Promotion

Click WASCA Board of Directors for a chart showing the relationships among the voting and non-voting positions. Click WASCA Board of Directors Job Descriptions for a document describing the duties and responsibilities of every Board Member

Click Contact Us for points of contact information, telephone numbers, and/or email to answer any questions.


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