Banner stealing is a time-honored tradition among square dance clubs and is encouraged by WASCA among its member clubs.  However, you need to be aware that banner stealing rules do vary from region to region and just because we do it that way here does not mean that someone else someplace else does it the same way. 

The rules that are laid out below are specific to the WASCA member clubs and copied directly from the WASCA Delegate's Handbook.  You should look them over to get familiar with how the WASCA clubs have agreed to do IT and then go steal that banner!  Click When Do WASCA Clubs Dance? to link to a page that contains links to the Days Danced tables that show each club's banner stealing code. You can also find the banner code on the alphabetic club listing.


The WASCA Clubs attending the September 15, 1991 Delegates’ Meeting, held at the Lincolnia Center, proposed and seconded a motion “That the WASCA Board develop, approve and publish rules for Banner Stealing, so that clubs can either abide by the rules, or state that they do not wish to participate in Banner Stealing”. The motion was approved by a majority of the Delegates.
In the Calls ‘n’ Cues Directory, a column “Z” for Banner Stealing will be set up with one of the following letters, “A, B, C or E”. When the WASCA Clubs fill out their information sheets, they will mark their preference, based on the rules as set forth below, as to how they would like to be entered in the Calls ‘n’ Cues for Banner Stealing.   The information sheet should be mailed with your club dues every year. It is important that this be done in a timely fashion so that it can be published in the September Calls ‘n’ Cues.    

“A” Clubs that like to be surprised by a Banner Stealing Club
"B" Clubs that openly wish to participate in Banner Stealing (They can or cannot be called.)
"C" Clubs that wish to be called before a Club shows up to steal their banner.
"E" Clubs that do not wish to participate in Banner Stealing.
Clubs that are in Category “B”, calling ahead is optional. Clubs in category “C” must be called before a banner raid. The host clubs only obligation is to let you know whether their traveling club banner is available for that evening. The contact person’s phone number should be listed in Calls ‘n’ Cues. Calling ahead does not reserve their banner for you. Host Clubs are not obligated to supply other materials such as clothing, rain checks or IOU’s. The host Club’s only obligation is to advise the calling Club that a banner is available for that evening. Clubs shall not be obligated to give out their regular Club banner.
Calling ahead does not guarantee you the Club banner. The first Club that arrives with a full square, or a Round Dance Club with four couples, and announces their intention to steal your banner, is entitled to the Club’s traveling banner.
The Banner Stealing Club must wear their Club badges. If a member of the host Club is also a member of the Banner Stealing Club and would like to steal their own banner, they must wear the badge of the stealing club and pay admission to the host Club.
Club banner stealing should be done from September to April. Any banners that have not been retrieved by April should be brought to the May Delegates’ Meeting and given back to the respective Clubs.
Mainstream Clubs should not raid Plus Clubs and vice-versa. Clubs should only banner raid Clubs that dance at their level. It is not fair for a Plus Club to raid a Mainstream Club.
Round Dance Clubs should only steal banners from Clubs that dance at their level. A Club should not steal a banner from another Club that dances on the same night.
For a Club to steal a banner, they must have a full square of Club Members.  For a Round Dance Club to steal a banner, it would require four couples.  Banner stealing Club Members should arrive at the beginning of the dance, sign the guest book, pay the admission fee, and announce that they have come to steal the Club's banner.
A Club that is retrieving their banner cannot take extra couples and try to steal the host Club’s banner on the same evening. Rules are the same for retrieving a banner as they are for stealing a banner.
A Club Member or Officer should be appointed to bring the traveling banner to every dance and to keep a record of where it is, who has stolen it, and make arrangements for capturing it back.
Banner Stealing can be fun – so let’s make it a wonderful, happy and successful activity in our dancing area.
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