Festival Registration and Room Reservation Page

Please read these instructions first.

Clicking on the link below will load the page in PDF.

Save the blank form onto your personal computer.

Please right click the following link, and choose "Save link as" to save the registration form to your computer.

2018 Registration Form

It is a “fillable form”.  That means that you can type directly into the form and once completed save the completed form to your computer.  (Previously, you could not save a completed form.)

You can tab from blank to blank on the page.

Or, you can simply position your mouse pointer at the beginning of a blank field, and left click, and it will put you into that blank field and you can start typing.

If the blank field is a "check box" - when you left click with your mouse, it will add a "check mark" and then you can click on the next field that you want to fill in.

Once you have filled it out, save it, print a copy, and mail it to the appropriate person with the proper payment in whatever form you are using.

NOTE:  Do NOT attempt to email any type of payment through the website.  The website is not secure and you could compromise your financial information.

CLICK ON ==> Festival Registration and Room Reservation Page.


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