City, State and Regional (Inter-State) Dance Organizations

These links include all city-level or State-level square, round or other dance organizations in the WASCA Region that we are aware of.  There are also State level organizations outside of the WASCA Region that WASCA has a cooperative relationship with. 

Click on the name of the organization below to be taken to the organization's website.


Richmond Square and Round Dance Association (Tidewater/Hampton Roads)

State-level (alphabetically listed)

Delaware (Federation of Delaware Valley Square and Round Dancers)

Maryland (Mason-Dixon Square Dancers Federation, Inc.)

Pennsylvania Square and Round Dance Federation

Virginia Square and Round Dance Association

West Virginia Round and Square Dance Federation 

Regional-level (other than WASCA)

National Capital Area Square Dance Leaders Association (NCASDLA)

Round Dance Teachers Association of Greater Washington, D.C.

Mid-Atlantic Challenge Association

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